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The 2018 edition of Overture of the Master’s Degree Program in Interior and Spatial Design of the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano was held at the evocative headquarters of the Livellara Cristallerie, in the Bovisa district, where space and time seem to dialogue between past, present and future. The event, now in its second edition, has paused to reflect on the current issues of interior design, involving a series of international personalities who, through workshops, video installations and lectio magistralis, have provided food for thought for the development of critical thinking around the project of contemporary and future spaces and interiors.

The second edition, entitled “Timespace – Next stop: STOP!”, Was an opportunity to examine the relationship between TEMPO and SPACE, with particular attention to the theme of “the lost interval” (Dorfles, 2006), which today defines, in its different exegesis, one of the major interpretative challenges for the design of spaces. The 21st century must necessarily compare the design of spatial forms, exercised through the tradition of design, with new forms of design of the time made of simultaneity and ubiquity and capable of contending and managing the different times of life.


Curated by: Giovanna Piccinno (President of the Master Degree in Interior and Spatial Design – Schoool of Design of the Politecnico di Milano), with Anna Barbara and Donatella Bollani

General coordination: Giovanna Piccinno, Barbara Di Prete, Giulia Gerosa
Exhibition design: Marco De Santi, Emilio Lonardo, Martina Mazzarello
Graphic design: Martina Mazzarello, Francesco Vergani

With the support of: Dipartimento di Design e della Scuola del Design del Politecnico di Milano

In collaboration with: Spirit de Milan

Technical sponsor by: Arjowiggins

With the patronage of: Municipio 9 del Comune di Milano

Thanks to LAB Allestimenti Paolo Padova of the Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano, for the support in the realization of the setting up.

Thanks to Francesco Cagliani, Aurora Destro, Camilla Ferrari, Nicolò Gobini, Giulia Lassandro, Daniele Mazzinghi, Cristina Morbi, Laura Vergori and Alice Zingales for their support in the realization of the event

Photo: Claudio Scaccini